As I was working on the first Mini exhibition, I fell in love with making these small sculptures, so I just kept making them. I like using the same materials to make each sculpture, but exploring different ways to make each one interesting. Of course, I am keeping with the Mini idea of 1″ being 1′ so these small sculptures are really much larger than they appear! (Or is it smaller?)

I took inspiration from some paintings I did in 2020. Or should I say, I explored similar concepts but in 3d:

(These are for sale in my Etsy Shop!)

In addition, I looked at many sculptures by Mark Di Suvero. Although he works in metal (and very large!), his work influenced my own. I will be getting up to Storm King again soon to see some in person. You can view his website here: https://www.spacetimecc.com/.

Drone shot
The Snake
The ladies love sculptures
The Brown One has drawn a crowd
The Blue One
The Little One was made with scraps from The Mini construction
The One with the Opposite Colors – looks different from each side
The Black One