The Minipolitan Museum of Art and AllensThings Present:

An exhibition of miniature landscape & abstract paintings and sculptures by Allen M. Sovelove.

The exhibit includes works in the main gallery as well as in the sculpture garden. Please browse the pages of this site to see all the artwork and learn more about the exhibition, the gallery and the artist.

The Minipolitan Museum of Art, a.k.a. The Mini, is a 1/12 scale art gallery and sculpture garden created to showcase small scale artworks. Opened in December of 2021, The Mini is expected to continue to expand and grow (while still remaining small!).

Visitors to The Mini tend to be very stylish!

All artworks seen here, as well as non-miniature works, are for sale. Please visit my Etsy Shop to purchase or contact me thru one of my social media channels. Social media links are listed on the Artist Info page.