Exhibition Info

About the exhibition:

This project began simply enough. I had been working on some landscape paintings and they just kept getting smaller, from 8” x 10” to 3” x 5”. Then I found some small scrap wood strips and pieces and started painting landscapes on them as well. I treated them like I would full size paintings and these were mostly painted with a regular sized palette knife which was as challenging as it sounds.

After I had done maybe 5 or 6 of these small landscapes, I started thinking about how to exhibit them. How do you show paintings that are only 2 or 3 inches? I had the idea to buy a dollhouse, or a diorama set but nothing I could find really had the look of an art gallery. So, I decided to build one. And I did, out of cardboard, ½” wood strips, Elmer’s glue and lots of screws. It was okay but there were several issues and I ended up building a second one that you see in this exhibition.

Meanwhile, I needed more paintings to fill the space I had built. I started doing some mini abstract paintings with the idea of the show being about half and half landscapes and abstracts, but I got a bit carried away with the abstracts. They were just so much fun to do! There are 20 abstracts and 10 landscapes in total. That is more than enough for a full show but there were still some things missing from it feeling like a real gallery show. I figured some sculptures would fill out the exhibit. I started by gluing together some of the scrap wood pieces that were left over from building the gallery. After one or two, I really fell in love with making these small sculptures. I feel like they are just small sculptures and not necessarily “miniatures”. I love the idea of holding a sculpture in your hands, turning it all around, seeing all the different angles. It is a very personal experience. Plus, you can put them just about anywhere!

Finally, the last thing needed for a proper gallery experience is people. I have some toys and small figures that I tried out but that gives it more of a comical experience. I want the paintings & sculptures to be the focus of this project. I decided to use paper dolls. Once again, I shopped around and not finding what I wanted, I made them myself. For the most part, I Googled vintage or 60s fashion illustration to find the pictures I used. Then I printed them on my home computer; they are in B&W on purpose, not just because I was out of color ink but mainly as I think it is a good contrast to the very colorful paintings.