The Gallery

The gallery is constructed from 1/2″ wood dowel rods, backing board, Elmer’s Glue-All, 3/4″ screws, a couple hinges and 3 latches. The top is hinged in the back and lifts up with a 1/4″ wood rod to hold it open. The front is removable and has latches on each side and the top.

One of the Allens outside The Mini
Abstract Paintings
Landscape Paintings
Landscape Paintings
Reception Desk
Ivan & Nadia
Roscoe keeping an eye on things
The Mini

The sculpture garden is constructed similarly, except the structure uses 1/4″ wood dowel rods instead of 1/2″. It actually sits inside of an Amazon box with the top and front cut off. The 1/4″ rods aren’t as sturdy and the box gives it more support. The turf is called faerie grass.

The Mini Sculpture Garden
The Mini Sculpture Garden

Meet the Dolls – Our lovely cast of characters!

Gallery Staff (L-R): Oskar, Allen, Svetlana, Roscoe, Lewis, Trixie
Gallery Patrons (L-R): Howard, Roland, Marie, Nadia, Sophia, Juliette, Ivan, Jim Dandy, June, Terry