P.O.P. – Paintings on Paper

From the artist about the series:
This series of paintings began with using circular cardboard shapes as templates. On each painting, circular shapes were drawn first and then painting began. Sometimes I followed the shapes and other times I ignored them completely but they can still be seen under the paint. Normally, when I paint on paper, I staple the paper to a piece of plywood. On this series, however, I used tape instead. The result is clean white borders and interesting edges. The paint is liquid acrylic and was applied using pieces of cardboard where you can see the scraping effect. Paint brushes were also used to a lesser extent and sometimes I just squirted or dripped the paint directly on the surface.

As general inspiration, I looked at many sci-fi and textbook book covers from the 60s and 70s. Certain themes are represented throughout these paintings. The circle is a common universal symbol and in this series represents the self and at the same time the Earth, Sun, Moon, atoms, etc. I wanted to convey a sense of motion in many of these paintings as a way to express the passing of time, particularly on the cosmic scale.